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What?  You don't WANT to be a retail manager?

When they told you that product sales means additional revenue streams, did they forget to mention that it also means production, distribution, promotion and order fulfillment?  What?  You don't WANT to be a retail manager?

You're smart enough to know that your time is better spent providing personal coaching or speaking at high-profile events.  So let the Outer Office team take over the daily business of managing your product sales so that you can focus on your primary revenue stream.


Here's just some of what we'll do to keep the products going out and the profits rolling in:

bullet   Coordination of production service vendors
bullet   Inventory control and warehousing
bullet   Coordination of online resellers
bullet   Media file uploads to reseller/distributions sites
bullet   Digital product downloads from your website
bullet   Promotional website with online store - including updates
bullet   Shopping cart management
bullet   Order fulfillment
bullet   Email, social media and other PR campaigns to promote products and specials
bullet   USPS promotional mailings