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What important work could you be doing more of, if we were taking care of the pesky little details?

One of the biggest challenges for a busy entrepreneur is keeping track of all the details that go along with a hectic pace. Scheduling, travel arrangements, correspondence… it can be overwhelming. 

And while you’re trying to keep track of where you are now and what's right in front of you to be doing, who is keeping up with all the contacts you meant to follow up with or opportunities you intended to pursue? 


At Outer Office, we've got you covered, with business management services such as:

bullet   Calendar and schedule management
bullet   Travel arrangements
bullet   Document and presentation edits
bullet   Meeting and event planning
bullet   Email monitoring, correspondence and autoresponders
bullet   Phone-in dictation and transcription
bullet   Voicemail screening with follow-up action as instructed by you
bullet   Contact list / database management including follow-up
bullet   Conference call scheduling and management