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Out here in the west there is a name for those who are not afraid to break away from the herd and run free - we call them Mavericks. They don't wear anyone else's brand. They make their own rules and lead the way.

If you'd rather lead than follow in the social media marketing arena, our team of experts has the experience, knowledge and resources to manage your social media marketing proactively and successfully.

Let Outer Office help you by:

bullet   Creating a unique social media strategy to promote your business so that you stand out from your competitors
bullet   Customizing your package so that you choose how much or how little we will do for you and you only pay for the services you use
bullet   Defining your social media strategy so that your efforts are focused and targeted for optimum effect
bullet   Handling routine tasks and requests so that your time is free to build relationships and engage in dialogues that highlight your expertise
bullet   Analyzing your results beyond your number of connections so that you have the most useful metrics you can use to tweak your ongoing strategy

Anyone can help you post updates.  Outer Office will make you a LEGEND.

There are three packages to choose from, and each includes an in-depth strategy session to determine the best plan for you.
Which package is right for you?

Lone Ranger No More - Don't jump into the ring alone - let us get you started the right way and guide you to take the most focused actions that will lead to results.

Unbridled and Running Free - Lead the stampede with an expanded set of strategies, customized to free you from administrating your social media accounts so you can focus on your relationships and content.

Leader of the Stampede - Break the trail and inspire others.  This package is optimized with intensive focus on what makes your business worthy of legend.

Each package is made up of a customized combination of services such as:

bullet   Connection Services

bullet  Set up or optimize additional social network profiles

bullet  Accept friends

bullet  Send birthday wishes

bullet  Post your pre-written Twitter tweets, Facebook updates or blog posts

bullet  Invite existing contacts to connect via social networking sites

bullet  Identify other like-minded people to connect with
bullet   Content and PR Services

bullet  Set up Facebook fan page with content

bullet  Blog post editing and posting

bullet  Monitor networks for relevant questions you can answer

bullet  Monitor networks for reputation management

bullet  Monitor networks for keywords, buzz words or phrases for you to comment on

bullet  Identify link-building opportunities

bullet  Identify other networks of like minded people

bullet  Identify opportunities to be a guest blogger (e.g. and manage quiery and submission process

bullet  Promote upcoming events

bullet  Promote products

bullet  Promote services

Contact us today to find out more about these exciting opportunities and break into the world of social media!