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How much content and revenue are untapped (and trapped) in your audio and video recordings?


Don't let it go to waste!  Your classes, presentations, interviews, conversations, or even your random ramblings can all be transformed into valuable written add-ons or additional income streams.

Since 2002, Outer Office has been providing high-quality transcription services to clients nationwide.  With a team of skilled transcriptionists, we are able to provide you with quick turnaround times, all while making sure you stay within your budget for your project.

Working with Outer Office on your transcription projects will be:

bullet   Simple - Send/receive files from anywhere in almost every type of media format from
   cassette tapes to DVDs to digital files to phone-in dictation
bullet   Secure - Absolute security and confidentiality are assured
bullet   Accurate - A high commitment to accuracy, with your satisfaction guaranteed
bullet   Affordable - Competitively priced with the option to pay even less when you're not in as much of a hurry
bullet   Efficient - Prompt service with a quick turnaround time

We have extensive experience with business, legal and academic transcription, as well as interviews and market research.

Here's what a few of our clients have to say...

"Outer Office thinks outside the box.  I came to Outer Office with a project that isn't the norm, and instead of saying 'no, we don't do that,' Debbie worked with me to set up a system that works for both of us.  That 'can do' attitude is a pleasure to work with."  ~Kim, American Video Documentation, Inc., Denver

"Thank you so much!  Thanks for going the extra mile."  ~Eric, Nevada

"Thank you for your quick response!"  ~Chris, Oregon

Contact us today and find out why so many of our clients keep coming back!